Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grade 10: Research

Research on the following:
1. Define digestion and its two major phases.
2. Why do we need to take a balanced diet?
3. Give an example of a balanced diet for a day.
4. What role do the following enzymes and secretions play where do the actions take place
a. salivary amylase
b. rennin
c. sucrase
d. maltase
e. lipase
f. bile
g. hydrochloric acid
h. pepsin
5. How do the following accessory organs perform their functions and aid digestion.
a. teeth
b. liver
c. pancreas
d. gallbladder
e. sphincter
f. tongue
6. Explain heartburn and its cause and effect.
7. In what what way is a calorie related to a change in weight?
8. Propose a daily diet for a weightlifter.
9. What vitamin deficiency will a pure vegetarian most likely suffer from?
10. Compare the human digestive system with an/a earthworm, chicken, paramecium, grasshopper and a frog.

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