Monday, March 14, 2011


Research on the following:
1. Give the functions of the nervous system.
2. What is a NEURON?
3. What is a STIMULI?
4. Identify and give the functions of the following:
a. cranial nerves
b. sensory nerve fibers
c. motor nerve fibers
d. dendrites
e. cerebellum
f. myelin sheath
g. spinal cord
h. cerebral cortex
i. medulla oblongata
j. pons
k. pupil
l. axon
m. synapse
n. olfactory nerve
o. optic nerve
p. retina
5. Can a person with normally functioning eyes still be blind? Why or why not?
6. Compare the sense of sight with that of other animals like the cat and the owl. Explain the differences.
7. What are the sense organs?
8. Research about the spinal chord.
9. Research about Luigi Galvani and his contribution to science.
10. How does caffeine affect your nervous system.
11. Research about the parts of the eye and its function.
12. Research about the parts of the ear and its function.
13. Show a diagram of the eye structure and ear structure.
14. How does the sense of smell help an organism to survive.

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