Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grade 9: Research

1. Research about the process of DNA reproduction.
2. How new proteins are made?
3. What is RNA?
4. Research about Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins.
5. Research about James Watson, Francis Crick and the double helix.
6. What is embryo screening?
7. Research about amniocentesis.
8. Research about genetic fingerprinting.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Research on the following:
1. What is a gland? How does it function?
2. What are the different gland in the body and their location?
3. How do exocrine glands differ from endocrine glands?
4. Define hormones and give their functions.
5. Why is the pituitary gland called the master of glands?
6. Why are adrenal glands called the emergency glands?
7. How can seafoods help prevent goiter?
8. Give the significant role of insulin in blood sugar level.
9. Predict the effect of removing the pancreas of a person.
10. Summarize the function of the endocrine glands:
a. pituitary
b. thyroid
c. parathyroid
d. thymus
e. adrenal
f. pancreas
g. liver
11. Why is the endocrine system considered a regulatory system?
12. What would happen if the adrenaline were continuously released in the body?
13. Do research on diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus- their difference in cause symptoms and treatment.
14. prostaglandins and the perception of pain
15. Negative feedback in hormonal function.
16. Why are some hormones taken orally, while others like insulin are injected in the body?
17. A swimmer's heartbeat increases significantly both before and after swimming. Explain