Tuesday, January 24, 2012


1. Discuss the effects of the combustion of fossil fuels and the cutting down of forests
on the oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere.
2. List the undesirable effects of deforestation (to include extinction, loss of soil,
flooding, carbon dioxide build up).
3. Describe the undesirable effects of pollution to include:
• water pollution by sewage and chemical waste,
• air pollution by greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane) contributing
to global warming.
4. Describe the undesirable effects of overuse of fertilisers (to include eutrophication
of lakes and rivers).
5. Discuss the causes and effects on the environment of acid rain, and the measures that might
be taken to reduce its incidence.
6. Explain how increases in greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane) are
thought to cause global warming.
7. Describe the need for conservation of:
• species and their habitats,
• natural resources (limited to water and non-renewable materials including
fossil fuels).
8. Research on the expedition of the Pacific floor and discovery on its ecosystem.
9. Define and explain the limiting factor in an environment.
10. Compare overcrowding and under crowding through advantages and
11. Give some ways by which organisms adjust to varying temperatures. Support your
answer with at least five examples.
12. How is population density increased or decreased?
13. Explain how soil controls the distribution of plants and animals in Indonesia.
14. How does tolerance of an organism to any factor in the environment limit its distribution?
15. Why is light important to all organisms?
16. Explain how topography affects animal or plant distribution to separate places.
17. Explain how humans disrupt the ecological balance.
18. Provide solutions to the different ecological problems.
19. What is an ecological balance? Discuss the roles of humans in its maintenance.
20. Define pollution. What are the types of pollution?
21. Research about Styrofoam.
22. How does Oil spills affect the ecosystem?
23. How is noise considered as pollution?
24. Why is there a need for conservation?

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