Monday, September 12, 2011


Research the following:
1. Explain thoughtless response through an example from an animal without brain.
2. Structure of spinal nerves.
3. Discuss Grey matters.
4. Meningitis: cause, effect and treatment.
5. Explain the knee-jerk reflex.
6. Pavlov's experiment with conditioned reflex.
7. Pupil and its size adaptation to animals.
8. Discuss tapetum.
9. Explain pupil reflex.
10. Explain stereoscopic vision.
11. Explain the near point of the eye.
12. Acute Myopia: What are the advantages and disadvantages with, wearing glasses, contact lenses or refractive surgery? What will you suggest?
13. Discuss growth and metabolic abnormalities.
14. Compare hormones that have long term effect from short term effect.
15. Compare hormonal and nervous systems.

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