Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Research the following:
1. Give the functions of the nervous system
2. What is a neuron?
3. Identify the structures concerned with the following:
a. screening the stimuli that reach the cerebrum
b. body controls of the autonomic nervous system
c. controlling heartbeat rate and breathing
4. Identify and give the functions of the following:
a. cranial nerves i. dendrites
b. sensory nerve fibers j. cerebellum
c. motor nerve fibers k. axon
d. spinal cord l. synapse
e. cerebral cortex m. olfactory nerve
f. medulla oblangata n. optic nerve
g. pons o. retina
h. pupil p. myelin sheath
5. Why is the rapid removal of acetylcholine important in controlling impulse transmission?
6. Explain how the following processes take place through your nervous system:
a. muscle contraction
b. heartbeat
c. expanding of blood vessels
d. vision during daytime and night time
e. hearing
7. Discuss the structure of the eye with its parts and functions
8. Discuss the structure of the ear with its parts and functions

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