Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Homework: This will be submitted next week printed in an A4 paper.
Note: Prepare for a short quiz about this homework.
Research on the following:
1. Superior ovary and inferior ovary of a flower. Show a diagram.
2. The different types of flowers, such as bisexual and unisexual.
3. Flower symmetry.
4. Investigate and state the environmental condition that affects the germination of seeds: water, oxygen and suitable temperature.
5. Investigate and describe the structure of a non-endospermic seed in terms of the embryo (radicle, plumule and cotyledons) and testa, protected by the fruit.
6. State that seed and fruit dispersal by wind and by animals provides a means of colonising new areas.
7. Describe, using named examples, seed and fruit dispersal by wind and by animals.
8. Search for Cleistogamous flowers.

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