Monday, April 9, 2012

Grade 9 IGCSE

Research on the following:

1. Define photosynthesis
2. Explain the function of chlorophyll.
3. State the word equation for the production of simple sugars and oxygen.
4. State the balanced equation for photosynthesis in symbols.
5. Investigate the necessity for chlorophyll, light and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, using appropriate controls.
6. Describe the intake of carbon dioxide and water by plants.
7. Investigate and state the effect of varying light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis.
8. Identify and label the cuticle, cellular and tissue structure of a dicotyledonous leaf, as seen in cross-section under the light microscope and describe the significance of the features of a leaf in terms of functions.
9. Describe the importance of:
• nitrate ions for protein synthesis,
• magnesium ions for chlorophyll synthesis.
10. Explain the effects of nitrate ion and magnesium ion deficiency on plant growth.
11. Describe the uses, and the dangers of overuse, of nitrogen-containing fertilizers.

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