Monday, February 6, 2012


Research on the following:
1. Define inheritance
2. Describe the inheritance of sex in humans
3. Define haploid nucleus and diploid nucleus
4. State that gametes are the result of meiosis.
5. Define and explain the terms:
A. genotype
B. phenotype
C. homozygous
D. heterozygous
E. chromosome
F. Allele
G. gene
6. Monhybrid cross and dihybrid cross
7. State that continuous variation is influenced by genes and
environment, resulting in a range of phenotypes between two
8. State that discontinuous variation
9. Define and explain mutation.
10. Outline the effects of ionising radiation on the rate of mutation.
11. Describe and explain variation
12. Describe the role of artificial selection in the production of varieties of
animals and plants with increased economic importance.
13. Define and explain natural selection.
14. Describe the development of strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria as
an example of natural selection.
15. Explain the importance of natural selection as a possible mechanism
for evolution.

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