Wednesday, July 20, 2011



All research should be saved first and will be submitted a
t the end of each SEMESTER inside the PORTFOLIO!!!

Research on the following:
1. History of the Cell Theory.
2. Cell parts that have membranes.
3. The function of the Cell Wall in Plants
4. The importance of ER in the synthesis of protein.
5. What are LYSOSOMES and why are they considered as "suicidal sacs"?
6. How can a Paramecium perform all cell processes?
7. Where would you find more mitochondria? Explain.
8. Comparison between an animal cell and a plant cell.
9. Prokaryotes.
10. New discoveries about CELL.
11. Relate the structure of the following to their
• red blood cells – transport,
• root hair cells – absorption.

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  1. mr jaren, what do you mean for the question no.7? Thx