Friday, January 29, 2010


This is the answer for the last poll question...

No. Genetic Mutation Leaves Felines Unable to Taste Sugar, as they lack receptors to identify sweet from other kinds of taste.

Humans have 9,000 taste buds on their toungue. Pigs have 15,000; dogs, 1,700; cats only 475. That's why smell is so important to cats, and why cats who can't smell don't want to eat. The finicky feline has quite a different menu from the dog. To begin with, cats are strictly carnivores. They need certain amino acids that can only be acquired though eating meat to get these animal proteins. If cats do not get these specific amino acids, such as Taurine, they will become very ill and can even die. We’ve established that meats with the essential amino acids are definitely on the cat menu, but what type of meat is their favourite? Fish is probably the first answer that pops to mind. After all, fish and cats just seem to ‘go together.’ Though many cats prefer fish to meat, this varies greatly among individuals. Some may even dislike the taste of fish! Let’s tackle another myth: milk, although many cats may appear to savour its taste, it is very unhealthy for them!

Cats do not have the enzymes necessary to properly digest milk. This can lead to health issues. If you’re thinking, “Wow, cats sure are picky!” you have not seen anything yet! Here’s the kicker: cats pay a LOT of attention to the texture, size and shape of their food. This is universal for all cats though. Each cat likes certain types of food based on these, and other requirements. Some cats become so accustomed to their kibble at a young age that they will not eat anything else. Others will randomly decide they do not like their food anymore multiple times throughout their lives. Basically, the cat menu for favourite foods is just as fickle as our felines. They share the love of fatty meat that smells good with dogs, but the texture size and shape are just as important in determination of a favourite food.

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