Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hello Everyone! Last week's poll question was Which of the following animals are the closest relative of a Hyena. Now let's talk about the Hyena first, The Hyena lives in the Sahara Desert in Africa which is filled by extreme desert conditions. The typical diet for the Hyena are zebras, wilder beast, buffalo and topi. Although many people view the hyena as a scavenger it is mostly a hunter. They can hunt alone or in a group called a clan if they are hunting large prey. The Hyena's closest relative is the MONGOOSE. There are three types of hyena species, the spotted, brown and striped hyenas. They also live in groups called clans. These clans are dominated by the larger females and the clans can grow to have up to 70 members.


  1. Is there any relationship with Cat tough ?? Because at first I thought it was a Cat but I wiki it and found out it was a cat... So is there any relationship with cats ?? thnx

    --Kenny 7 PIB 2

  2. Sorry I mean "I wiki it and found out it was a MONGOOSE"

  3. Kenny the answer is YES! Cat is a distant relative of the hyena but the mongoose is closer than the cat!

  4. I see, thnx Mr. Jaren.