Saturday, November 21, 2009


       Hi everyone, I decided to make this site to help you in your biology lessons. I will post some of the materials here for those students who needs to catch up on lessons because they were absent and students who still  needs clarifications about a previous lesson. Students can also post questions and inquiries about certain topics. ***(Only questions about the topics should be posted otherwise it will not be entertained.) 

        There will be occassions that I will post assignments and announcements for the class.  


  1. Hi Mr.Jaren this is Celine from 7preib2....
    About Paramecium...
    Did the cilia in paramecium ever been cut off by itself and change the new one? How long the cilia will grew back? How many cilia in every paramecium? Is it possible when the cilia cuts off by itself and grew again the paramecium?

  2. Hmm.. That's a good question ... I also want to know.